About me

Henrik Brandão Jönsson is a Swedish journalist and writer, working as a correspondent in Latin America for Dagens Nyheter – Sweden’s and Scandinavia’s largest newspaper. He has lived in Rio de Janeiro since 2002 and has written several books about Brazil. His debut book, Fantasy Island – Brave New Heart of Brazil, documents how it was possible to build the most highly planned capital in the world. Nowhere is the story of modern Brazil as clear to us as in Brasília. His follow-up, Jogo Bonito: Pelé, Neymar and Brazil’s Beautiful Game, was published by Random House and takes you on a journey through the Wild West of Brazilian football. Jogo Bonito – meaning ‘the beautiful game’ – is a history, a travelogue and a gonzo-style report on how Brazil has used football to create a national identity. The Guardian wrote that Jogo Bonito is Distinguished by its entertaining originality and The Times wrote that this book is a joy, dancing around erratically between the best and the worst of Brazil.

Henrik Brandão Jönsson has won the Swedish television award for ‘Best Investigative Program’ and was nominated for the Swedish Grand Journalism Award for the documentary A Royal Nazi Secret, about the father of Queen Silvia of Sweden. The documentary was also awarded a gold medal in the History & Society category at the New York Festival’s International Television & Film Awards.

Henrik Brandão Jönsson is currently working on a project about the Portuguese speaking countries, the so-called, Lusophone world.