Brasilia celebrates 54 years!

Finally, here it is. My book about the beloved and strange Brasilia.

Today the most planned city in the world are turning 54 years and Key Publishing House in Toronto are celebrating it by releasing my book about Brasilia in English. The Fantasy Island – Brave New Heart of Brazil received great reviews in Sweden (some even compared my writing with the great Kapuscinski), and now it’s time for the English speaking world to read and judge. Please order your copy here. Fantasy Island will also be released as an ebook. Please enjoy, Brasilia is a great adventure, which is still going on.

“Just like Kapuscinski, Henrik Brandão Jönsson takes the step out into suburbia where violence and misery live hand in hand. Fantasy Island is highly recommended reading”, Ola Klippvik, Sydsvenskan

“This book is a far cry from the usual cold and objective reporting we have gotten so used to. Therefore it is refreshingly good reading”. Jörgen Andersson, Helsingborgs Dagblad

“Fantasy Island is reading at its best – an intellectual journey”, Ola Wilhke, Arbetet

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