Omslag: Elina Grandin

Where the Sin Never Sets

Journalist Henrik Brandão Jönsson’s fourth book is a short history of the Lusophone world that brings together several of the key Portuguese-speaking nations in one volume, providing insight into parts of the world readers may know little to nothing about. Here you can read the whole review in Swedish Book Review .



“His book about the lusophone world fills a large gap in the bookshelf”, Jan Eklund, Dagens Nyheter.

“Where the Sun Never Sets makes the world bigger for the many, many readers that it deserves”, Göteborgs-Posten

“Henrik Brandão Jönsson’s book about Portugal’s bloody colonial history is full of life enjoyment (…) His book actually lands in the midst of the Black Lives Matter-movement that has become global, even though it was written before George Floyd was murdered,” Göran Greider, Dagens Nyheter.

“Brandão Jönsson splurges on unexpected information, writes easily and personally, and it flies by. It feels like Around the World in 80 Days.” Swedish Academy member Per Wästberg in Sydsvenskan.

“Where the Sun Never Sets is not only an entertaining travelogue, but also seven history and geography lessons that connects the world in a new way.” Arbetaren

“Inspiring and interesting depiction of a very influential global culture.” BTJ

“Where the Sun Never Sets is also a historical voyage of discovery that culminates in a resolution of the Portuguese’s self-image as the good colonial power.” Göteborgs-Posten.